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Moving from the healthcare industry to tech Sales, Meet Linda

  • March 21, 2022

Discover how Linda decided to change her career and life to enter the tech sales world. “Hyrise made me realize that the sky is not the limit, it is just about your mindset. If you really want something, you just have to go and get it and believe in yourself.”


“I loved the idea of Hyrise because I am a people person. I love to interact and work with people. That’s why I worked in the healthcare industry in the first place but Hyrise gave me the opportunity to work with people, and in the tech industry, which is what I really wanted.”

Discover how Linda decided to change her career and life to enter the tech sales world.

Before Hyrise

Linda is one of our most energetic students, who successfully changed her career and joined the tech sales industry. Born in Uganda but raised in Germany, she has lived a very international life, as she has also lived abroad in countries like Mexico and Bali, but also in cosmopolitan cities like London. She loves playing the piano and music production. One of her passions is to sew her own dirndls, she has a collection of fifteen self-made dirndls inspired in different time periods. Linda definitely knows how to enjoy her passions. 

Before joining Hyrise, Linda worked in the healthcare industry, taking care of young people with disabilities. However, she struggled with some aspects of her role:

  • The German healthcare system is very archaic and underfunded. 
  • There isn’t enough qualified staff and the systems do not work efficiently. 
  • After covid hit, everything worsened. She felt there was a lack of empathy coming from her bosses and there were no resources for emotional support available. 

She felt she needed to change her life and her career to get out of this situation. 

She wanted a flexible job that allowed her to have financial stability. First, she considered entering the programming world. So, she learned the basics of web development and how to code in python. However, things then took a turn as she came across one of our promotional videos, which she found very compelling. What really spoke to her was the notion of being in direct contact with the clients. It intrigued her because being in direct touch with clients and working with people was very attractive to her.

“I wanted a career change, but I wanted a career that fit my personality. I am a people person. I don’t doubt that I would have been great at Python but… would I have been happy waking up to this reality everyday? I am not so sure. But working with people in tech, I could definitely see myself doing long term.”

She joined Hyrise for the one-week sales challenge and had so much fun doing it. She decided to have a leap of faith and applied. She joined us and accomplished the bootcamp by combining it with her job. 

Her Hyrise Experience

The job search

During her job search, she was very lucky. Two weeks before graduating, she was bombarded with interview requests from different companies. At some point, she had to cut down because she lacked time and capacity to answer all of the requests. 

“I sent in my termination before I got a job, because I was sure I would get hired, since the response rate of people wanting to hire me was very high. So, once again I took a leap of faith and quit.” 

Finally, she did 14 interviews, from which five resulted in job offers. She opted to work for Collibra as a BDR totally remote. She is the first BDR in Germany and has the opportunity to build her own team. 

“I received a lot of offers coming from LinkedIn. Which I got thanks to the adjustments I did to my profile, following on the tips from Nikki Ivey’s Masterclass. It helped me boost my LikedIn presence a lot.”

The bootcamp

The thing Linda most enjoyed out of our bootcamp were the masterclasses. These were the classes where she got the most inspiration to navigate the workflow and built her personal brand. Furthermore, she loved the support she got from the team, specially Dom and Gemma. 

“I had the feeling that no matter what or when, we were always encouraged to ask the questions we wanted. And even if they did not know the answer at that moment, they would look it up and get back to us. This is really important, especially in online courses.”

She had the feeling that in other courses the teachers were very good at what they did, but the pedagogy to transmit the knowledge was not the best.

“Dom and Alvaro’s lessons were down to earth and relatable. You had the feeling you were learning with your friend.”

Overall experience

Now, Linda is very happy and fulfilled in her new job. She enjoys the fact that she’s able to work with people and combine the work with traveling simultaneously.

“Hyrise made me realize that the sky is not the limit, it is just about your mindset. If you really want something you just have to go and get it and believe in yourself.”

Her advice for future Hyrisers

“Just do it!” 

Linda’s advice is to look at the gain you can get from this experience. At the end of the day it is your life and nothing has more worth or is important than being fulfilled with your life.

Want to launch your career in Tech Sales just like Linda? Apply here.  

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