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How Kazia found a Tech Sales job in less than a month

find a tech sales job in less than a month
  • May 1, 2022

“I joined Hyrise at the beginning of April. Now, middle of April, I already have a job that I love and I moved to Berlin.” Read how Kazia began her tech sales journey with Hyrise and became an SDR at Humanoo!


Before Hyrise

Kazia is from Mexico City and has been living for 18 years in Germany. She studied Electrical Engineering in Mexico and then media and communications in Germany. Zumba and in-line skating are two of her biggest passions, but she also enjoys a good relaxing movie night and traveling all around the world.

Kazia worked most of her life developing and validating software. However, she felt a little unfulfilled because she was spending many hours in front of computers and not with people. She also struggled with the long reports that she had to make. She then decided to change her career path and studied media and communication management. After this, she started working as a social media manager, where she struggled because writing texts in German was not one of her strengths.

“I wanted to work in something where I could combine both of my fields of study; my specific technical background and my communication skills. So, I thought tech sales was the sweet spot between both.”

Once she made her decision, she was surprised by how hard it was to enter the industry without guidance. Luckily her neighbor and good friend Linda Kanlendzhiev recommended her to take a look at Hyrise.

Her Hyrise experience 

Kazia built an amazing profile with the help of our team and quickly started receiving job offers through our platform. She found the application process very intuitive and easy to follow. 

“I hate writing in German, so writing a cover letter was something I struggled a lot with but thanks to the structure of the platform it was super easy for me to begin the interview process, as companies directly applied to me.”  

Six companies contacted her directly. Then she had to make the decision on which companies she was going to continue the selection process and begin her interview training with our team.

“Once the decision was made, the Hyrise team prepared me very well for the following interviews, by sharing insightful videos and helping me with one on one sessions that provided me with the needed guidance.”

Kazia ended up with two different job proposals. She decided to turn her life and accept a job in Berlin at one of our top hiring partners with an amazing culture: Humanoo. She feels fulfilled with her new job position so far, and is learning a lot through the mentoring of her experienced boss. 

“Hyrise made the process of looking for a job very easy and made me personally more confident throughout my search.” 

Her advice for future Hyrisers

She encourages everyone that is in the application process to take a deep look into the companies to which they are interviewing and be selective. 

“Don’t apply to every company that you see, have your priorities clear. Pick the companies you really identify with. It is super important to feel comfortable in the work environment, and to work with people that make you happy.”

Want to launch your career in Tech Sales just like Kazia? Apply here.


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