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Striving for greatness: Alexander's Journey with hyrise

  • October 27, 2023

In a world full of unpredictable career paths and diverse avenues, we are truly touched by the incredible stories of individuals who bravely redefine their professional journeys. Every story highlights the incredible impact of embracing new opportunities and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Alexander Schnieblich, a Sales Manager at Superchat, whose inspiring journey has been shaped and uplifted by the support he received from hyrise.


Before hyrise

Before taking on his role as a Sales Manager at Superchat, Alexander spent three years as a self-employed financial consultant at DVAG. Afterwards, he transitioned into a role in product management at During this period, he was  studying business informatics at the same time and then business administration.

He found great joy in each of his roles, always pushing himself to deliver his best work. His passion for self-improvement and lifelong learning is deeply ingrained in his character.

"hyrise represented my chance to advance my career."

Although Alexander enjoyed his work and the company of his colleagues, he began to feel a sense of stagnation in his previous role. He yearned for greater opportunities for personal and career growth. It was during this crucial moment that he came across a hyrise job posting that perfectly aligned with his interests in sales, technology, and innovative companies/products.


Alexander's experience with hyrise

The process of finding a job was incredibly smooth for Alexander, and he received invaluable support from hyrise. Following a single training session and an interview with another company, he quickly made the transition to his new role as a Sales Manager at Superchat within just 3 weeks.

One of the highlights of Alexander's experience with the hyrise program was the final group session on cadencing and the one-on-one training with hyrise trainer Jan. Engaging with proven experts from the industry he now works in was truly fascinating for him.

"I always felt well-assisted, and hyrise promptly addressed any questions I had."

Alexander always felt well-assisted and supported by hyrise. His questions and concerns were promptly addressed, highlighting the strong support system hyrise offers to its trainees.


Alexander’s inspiring career path

Now, after nearly three months in tech sales, Alexander is super happy with his progress. He's successfully scheduled numerous demos, conducted some himself, and even generated 10k in revenue for Superchat within three weeks. He firmly believes that this is an ideal time to work as a Sales Manager in tech sales, and his journey with hyrise has played an crucial role in his success.

hyrise has been a transformative force in Alexander's life. It provided him with the opportunity to work in a rapidly growing industry, and he wholeheartedly believes in the outstanding program that hyrise offers to top candidates for tech sales. It's also a stepping stone for individuals aspiring to excel and build successful careers in tech sales.

"Take the plunge without overthinking it and always be on the lookout for great opportunities."

Alexander's advice: "Whether you're an expert or a beginner, hyrise can help you enhance your skills and find the ideal job for you." Alexander's journey is a great example of  the power of seizing the right opportunities and committing to lifelong learning and growth.

We are super proud of Alexander's achievements and look forward to more success stories that inspire and empower others to unleash their potential. 🚀


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