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5 Reasons why you should consider a career in tech sales

Discover the fulfilling, rewarding tech career path available to anyone with the right mindset.

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Want to nail your next interview? Listen up! Two weeks ago we hosted our first Recruiter masterclass, where recruiters...

Discover the most common career paths in tech sales

Tech sales career prospects are looking great. Tech sales teams usually have well-defined roles with distinct...

How Kazia found a Tech Sales job in less than a month

“I joined Hyrise at the beginning of April. Now, middle of April, I already have a job that I love and I moved to...

Tech sales positions are the fastest way to build social & life skills

Want to be a better conversationalist and listener? In this article, learn why a sales position is the best way to do...

How Jaime, a consultant found his real passion in Tech Sales

Check out how Jaime took a leap of faith and ended up in his dream job.

Hyrise 2.0: Land a job before you start training

Can you imagine a university that gets you a job before you even begin training? Meet Hyrise 2.0  

Moving from the healthcare industry to tech Sales, Meet Linda

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How Sebastian found his dream job in Tech Sales

“I wanted to work closer to people, better culture and career progression opportunities.” Discover how and why...

A year in review: Hyrise Academy

A look behind the scenes at our first year building, Hyrise Academy

Just graduated? Why your first job should be in tech sales

Just graduated and not sure what your next step should be? You are not alone!