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Just graduated? Why your first job should be in tech sales

best entry job in the tech industry
  • December 8, 2021

Just graduated and not sure what your next step should be? You are not alone!

Entering the job market can be an uncertain and stressful period. Many recent graduates find it hard to find an opportunity they’re interested in right after graduation. Oftentimes, many decide they no longer want a career in the degree subject they studied and are not sure how to proceed. 

With great salaries and career growth opportunities, tech sales roles such as Business or Sales Development Representative have become one of the top choices for university graduates in recent years. It’s one of the most in-demand jobs in the market right now, and it’s the perfect choice for recent graduates that are looking for their first step in their career. 

Let’s find out why.

1. Personal development

Tech sales offers huge potential not only for professional but also for personal development. Product knowledge, negotiation, social and communication skills, project management, time management, market analysis, problem-solving, and even psychology are just some of the skills you'll develop in the challenging world of tech sales. You'll learn how to win the trust of prospective customers whether they're individuals or companies, and then find creative ways of engaging them with your product.

Once that's achieved, you'll develop expertise in steering them towards a purchase. There's nothing quite like the thrill this delivers. Occasionally, however, you'll encounter failure. Learning to deal with this is also an invaluable step in developing your tech sales career. There are so many skills you will learn in tech sales that will prove to be useful for the rest of your personal life.

2. There's never time for a dull moment in tech sales

If you’re looking for a boring 9-to-5 job, look elsewhere. The world of tech sales is fun and fast-paced. You need to consistently innovate to reach customers in new ways, and constantly challenge your methods. 

You’ll perform many different daily activities and wear many different hats. The journey to a successful sale starts with initial contact via phone or email, continues through performing discovery calls to qualify your prospects, and then following up to nurture them through to a sale. In any single week, you will jump on phone calls, conduct virtual meetings, update your CRM, collaborate with your colleagues and hopefully experience the sweet feeling of closing a sale and helping someone solve a meaningful problem.

3. It’s rewarding

If you're prepared to work hard in tech sales, the rewards can be immense, both financially and personally. The average starting tech sales salary in Germany is currently at around €42.000. On top of this, you'll benefit from bonuses and perks, while commission alone can double your annual salary. Land a job in one of the big technology companies and within three to four years, you could be looking at a six-figure salary!

Forget nine-to-five, though, as long as hitting targets, you set your hours to suit your schedule (and the schedules of your potential customers). You'll also enjoy the intrinsic reward of knowing you're contributing to your company's success and offering your customers something they really need.

4. Future job opportunities in tech sales are endless

The tech industry is growing exponentially, with thousands of new products and start-ups hitting the market every year. Regardless of where you land your first job, with the skills acquired there, you'll be able to work in sales in any technology company regardless of the sector.

Don't worry, however, if hard times hit. There may be cost-cutting in some departments, but without a strong sales force, no business can survive and thrive. As long as you've got a proven track record at meeting your targets, a role in tech sales offers long-term job security.

Are you convinced that your first post-graduate job should be in tech sales? We know you'll find it not only challenging but rewarding on so many levels and at Hyrise Academy, we're ready to help you start your career. 



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