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Ibrahim Finds Work-Life Balance and Career Success at hyrise

Ibrahim Finds Work-Life Balance and Career Success at hyrise
  • May 26, 2023

Meet Ibrahim. He had been running his own business for several years in Germany. However, being fully dedicated to his work meant missing out on precious moments with his son during the first 1.5 years of his life. Feeling the pull of family, Ibrahim made the difficult decision to close his company and sell off everything he had built. He decided to take one year off, but just after a month he realized he had to find something to work on, because if not he would go crazy with so much free time.

"One evening I decided to watch TV, which I hadn't done in years due to lack of time. DHDL was streaming, and it was right in the pitch of hyrise. I really liked the idea, and if I still had my business, I would have probably hired my sales team through hyrise."

Intrigued by what he saw, Ibrahim decided to apply to hyrise, without any expectations. To his surprise, after a few weeks, he received a message from Mona, his talent advisor, saying that the company ContentPepper had interest in his profile. As a startup, they needed someone with some experience, and Ibrahim knew he was the perfect fit for the role. He joined ContentPepper in January, and now, after five months, he couldn't be happier with his new job.

"I had some sales experience but not in B2B sales, so it was quite something I had to adapt to. I had to understand that the sales process is not 30 minutes but 3-5 months."

"Another significant change was that I had two days on the weekends to myself and I could think about vacation, things I never considered before when running my own business. My life has completely changed now, and I have the work-life balance to spend with my family."

Ramp-up Training Experience

Since ContentPepper is a start up there was little to no documentation on how sales were done at the company. However, hyrise's ramp-up training made easier different for him. His sales coach, Isabell helped him onboard faster and excel in his new role.

"My favorite part of the training was the personalized coaching from Isabell, my trainer. I was able to tell her exactly what I needed, and she adapted to my learning process and requirements. She's incredible, always motivating me to be better and finding the right words to get me into the flow of sales."

"Having her support made a real difference in starting my new job, compared to doing it alone. Her experience was invaluable, and whenever I faced specific challenges or problems, she helped me change my perspective on them and make the most out of it."

Tips for future hyrisers

"Whatever company you work for, act like it's your family business because then you will be successful."

Ibrahim's success story showcases how a career in tech sales brought him the work-life balance he had needed for years.

Want to start your tech sales career? Apply today and we'll help you land your dream job!

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