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Hyrise 2.0: Land a job before you start training

 Land a job before you start training
  • March 24, 2022

Can you imagine a university that gets you a job before you even begin training? Meet Hyrise 2.0


In a nutshell

Our attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter, so here is a quick summary of our blog post announcement👇

  • Over the past few months we have been busy validating a new model: we first place candidates at companies, they then go through our 8-week training program once they start working.
  • Candidates benefit from it because they get a job much faster, still get to train on-the-job once they're hired, and it's 100% free for them (paid by the hiring company).
  • Companies benefit from it because we can now deliver top quality talent much faster. We are able to attract many more profiles, and thanks to careful selection and preparation the candidate quality is maintained and even improved.
  • We've managed to place several candidates in a short period of time to great satisfaction of both companies and candidates. We have now decided to make this our standard model moving forward for Germany. Candidates can apply at
  • We consider this a natural evolution from the bootcamp model, and a huge step in achieving our mission and building an education model that is truly accessible and designed for employability.

Interested in diving a little deeper? Here is the full version!👇

Why we started Hyrise Academy

The world of work has changed. It’s time for education to do the same.

It used to be that you studied for 4 years and then worked at the same company for 40 more. Nowadays, reality is very different.

Technology was reshaping the future of work even before the pandemic accelerated the need for new workforce skills. Some professions are disappearing, completely new ones are emerging.

McKinsey estimates that trends like remote work, e-commerce, and continuing automation could mean more than 100 million workers might need to find a different occupation by 2030. This is our new reality.

People will have to completely re-skill multiple times throughout their career, and continue learning constantly to stay relevant.

Rather than a threat, we see this as an opportunity. There are many rewarding career paths emerging, and many people which would be great at these jobs, and for which it would mean a significant life improvement. But for this to happen, they need access to the necessary employment opportunities and skills training.

In this environment, our current educational model is obsolete. To empower people to pursue rewarding careers of the future, we need to reimagine education by making it accessible to all, and focused on employability. A model designed to:

  • Give people access to rewarding career opportunities as fast as possible.
  • Enable people to continue learning on the job to stay relevant.
  • Be accessible to everyone regardless of their background.

Last year, we decided to launch Hyrise Academy and start building this model. Our mission was clear: to give people access to rewarding careers in tech through skills training and job opportunities.

What we’ve learnt so far

  • We built an intensive online course (that has received great reviews) designed to give people the skills they need to be effective at their jobs as fast as possible. We learnt that doing real world sales, and constantly updating our curriculum to reflect industry needs, is key for this purpose.
  • We managed to train and place 50+ students at great companies such as Hubspot, Planday or Wayflyer. We also lost the opportunity to place many promising candidates. We learnt that for many people, taking 7 weeks to train before getting a job is just not an option. Even if you offer them to pay if and only once they found a job.
  • We closed hiring agreements with 70+ top tech companies, and discovered that the need for qualified sales talent is even bigger than we thought. We learnt that while companies were very happy with the quality of our candidates, we just weren’t delivering the talent they needed fast enough.

So in January, we stopped and asked ourselves some important questions:

  • How could we reinvent our model to give candidates faster access to jobs and companies faster access to candidates?
  • Or in other words, what would a model that was 100% accessible and designed for employability look like?

Challenge accepted.

Validating Hyrise 2.0

For the past months, we have been busy validating a new model: we first place candidates at companies (at 0 costs for the candidate) and then train them on the job.

Here’s how it works👇

Hyrise find a job in less than 30 days. We train you on the job

So, how's it going? If you’re reading this post, you can guess that it’s gone pretty well. We have managed to place several candidates, and feedback from both students and companies is extremely positive.

Candidates now have zero risk and cost.

  • The program is now 100% free.
  • The time to job is much shorter, with an average of 4 weeks and 7 interviews per candidate
  • Candidates still receive training on the job to ensure they are ready and successful.

For companies, we deliver more diverse talent, faster.

  • Thanks to the careful selection process and our basic training, the quality of candidates we present to companies is maintained and in some cases even improved.
  • We are able to attract and therefore provide more and more diverse profiles to match the needs of each company.
  • Ramp-up times are now even faster, as students still go through our training for the first 8-weeks on the job, and we integrate the real world practice directly with each company’s tools and products.

Ready for launch 🚀

Today, we’re happy to make this program public and available to both candidates and companies.

  • Looking for a job in tech sales? you can sign up here. Building your profile is free and takes 10 minutes.
  • Looking to hire great sales talent? Sign up here to gain access to our talent platform.

Our goal has never been to give hundreds of people access to rewarding careers. We want to do this for thousands of people.

With this model, we can now make this a reality and impact many more lives by allowing them to pursue careers they love.

Onwards! 👊

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