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How to Launch Your Career in Tech Sales

launch you career in tech sales with Hyrise
  • November 21, 2021

Think you need to know how to code to work in the tech industry? Think again! Here's how you can launch your career in tech sales.

Not all rewarding and well-paid jobs in the technology industry require a technical background. The world of tech sales, one of the most in-demand roles at tech companies, is all about interacting with customers and solving their problems. No coding skills are required. 

"43% of jobs at tech companies are non-technical"

Source: Glassdoor

Tech sales is all about identifying potential customers who can benefit from your solution, engaging them and showing them how that solution can meet their needs. Good communication skills, empathy with people, and the determination to succeed are crucial to success. What you don't need is a degree or any previous experience in the world of IT. 

But where to start? To kick-start your journey, we've put together five proven tips for launching your tech sales career.

1. Get some training

In tech sales, you will be continuously learning on the job. Having said that, getting some training beforehand can give you a huge confidence boost, and, more importantly, set you up for a successful career by helping you become a top sales rep much faster. 

Delivered by professional coaches, our training courses do exactly that: we train you to become job ready in the shortest time possible. We then support you through your job search and into your early days in tech sales.

2. Network

Most jobs are not on job boards. Networking is crucial, not only for sales jobs, but for any job. Be proactive about connecting with others, and take full advantage of sites such as LinkedIn by regularly posting and interacting with great content, and connecting with others in the tech community.

You'll be surprised that most people will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. 

3. Do your homework

Looking for a job is a full-time job. Once you're ready to start job seeking, start by defining what a successful career looks like for you. Treat your job searching process like a well-structured project. Research and more research are the keys to success here.

Once you start narrowing down opportunities, familiarize yourself with the company and its products, and memorize its mission statement. It's even worth checking out the background of team members, especially if they're involved in the hiring process. Use what you've found to fill in your application, adapt your resumé and prepare for an interview.

Taking the time to do this, proves to interviewers that you're committed and knowledgeable. You've demonstrated to them, that you'll always be happy to go that little bit extra once you start your career with them.

4. Find a supporter you trust and value

You've completed your training and built a presence on networking sites. Now reach out to a mentor who inspires you. At Hyrise, we assign an individual mentor that supports you throughout the whole process, but you can also look for one among your personal networking connections. There may also be a good one in the company you're hoping to work for.

Blogs and podcasts about tech sales provide another route to finding a compatible mentor. Contact authors or presenters that interest you and increase the chances of success by being specific with your requests and considerate of their time.

Rely on your mentor as a coach during the interview process. They can highlight possible questions and fine-tune your responses. After an interview, discuss any feedback with them. This can turn even an unsuccessful job application into a stepping-off point for the next one.

Once you've landed your job in tech sales, let your mentor guide you through your first days. Then, use them as a sounding board for setting long-term goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Never be afraid to call them up if you come across problems along the way.

5. Showcase yourself and your talents

Boost your chances of a successful application and interview process by making yourself stand out from the crowd. Study the job and applicant descriptions and pepper your resumé, application form, and covering letter with keywords and key terms. This demonstrates that you've taken the time to thoroughly read the information and that you have a firm grasp of tech sales lingo.

You could even highlight how hungry you are for the post by sending in an audio or video message with your application. Whatever you do, it goes without saying, that everything should be neatly presented and fault-free!

Interested in learning more? Join us to discover how we can help you find a job in tech sales.

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