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How to deal with stress and keep good mental health in sales

Dealing with stress in the sales industry
  • August 14, 2022

The sales industry is sometimes very emotionally demanding because you must battle feelings like insecurity and ineptness a lot of the time. However, most of the time, we indeed tend to be too hard on ourselves. Here are 5 tips to deal with stress and keep good mental health in sales.

If you’ve worked in sales, you might be familiar with situations like this… 

You’re speaking with a potential client on the phone, things are going well, and you believe you’re about to seal the sale. Suddenly, you hear "I'm not interested, thank you!" 

You think to yourself…

How to deal with rejection in sales

This is normal, rejection is part of sales. You might also have encountered situations where you’ve experienced anxiety for several reasons, like not meeting your quota or the fear of being rejected after you’ve put in a lot of effort. Then you find yourself trying to balance out your personal life and well-being, but you struggle since you can't stop thinking about new prospects or new strategies on how to close deals.

The sales industry is sometimes very emotionally demanding, you must battle feelings like insecurity and ineptness a lot of the time. However, most of the time we indeed tend to be too hard on ourselves, which leads us to a bad mental health state. No one expects you to be super confident, extroverted, and energetic every day. It is okay to feel down sometimes. 

Why is it important to handle to maintain good mental health? 

First of all, your mental health and personal wellbeing should be a priority all the time. Being stressed out makes you unproductive. You show up to work less motivated and committed every day. In the worst cases, you might even start to hate the job that you once loved so much. For these and many other reasons, it is very important that you take care of yourself and avoid being in stressful situations that lead to bad mental health situations. 

We had the opportunity to talk to three industry experts; Moritz Aemisegger, Christoph Karger, and Kira vom Hagen. They shared their best tips and practices to stay sane while working in sales.  

5 Tips to maintain good mental health while working in sales

  1. Don’t take it personally.

When someone says “no”, they don’t say “no” to you, they say “no” to your product or offer. It is important to make the necessary research before reaching out to a client and be sure that your product or offer is of value to them. Not doing so and reaching out to anybody is a big mistake a lot of salespeople do, especially at the beginning of their career. Eventually, they end up in situations where the client will probably never buy, and the salesperson will be frustrated and put the blame on their selling skills. If you only make offers to people that need your product, you will be less likely to hear any NO’s

“ Remind yourself that the rejection is nothing personal, you are calling on the behalf of a company or product, not yourself.” - Kira vom Hagen
  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals 

Most of the time when salespeople miss their goals, it is because the goal was set way too high. To constantly miss reaching the target quota or other goals can easily lead to frustrations. Therefore, you should set an achievable limit for yourself, ensuring that you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to achieve it. We recommend avoiding using the top-down sales goal setting (basing your sales goal on the increased sales revenue you want to have) because not everything is numbers. You have to take into consideration many other factors, and some of them are out of your control zone. For this reason, it is better to look at your past outcomes and build a strategy around them. Analyze what worked in the past and how you can implement these activities or skills to increase your success rate, taking into consideration your personal priorities and wellbeing.

  1. Limit your workspace and hours

If you want you could work all day, there is always someone you can call or email. This can take a toll on your mental health easily. You will work too hard trying to reach your goals and will never be satisfied with the effort you put in because there will always be something that you could’ve done better. Your personal well-being will step down from your priorities, which can easily lead you to a burnout. To avoid this, you can look for an activity in which you can fully disconnect from your work environment. Try a new sport or creative activity, that forces you to at least disconnect a few hours a week. 

“I needed something that forced me to disconnect from work. I couldn’t change my habit, so I needed to change my process to become the person I wanted to be.” - Moritz Aemisegger
  1. Ask for help

No one expects you to be a superhuman. It's normal to feel overwhelmed at work, and it's okay to ask for help in these situations. Sometimes you can find this support in your workplace with a nice coach or mentor with whom you feel comfortable enough to open up. Or you can look for this support in your personal network if you prefer so. Sometimes the feeling of being listened to is enough to change your mood radically and can help you to see things in a different light. If you need help with something specific, we recommend having clear communication, describing what it is you need, why it is important, and how the person you’re asking can help. 

“Be aware of your symptoms and that you are in a stressful environment. Know that it’s okay to struggle sometimes. Speak about your challenges. If you feel comfortable you can do this with your manager, it’s something managers should care about. It was a game changer for me to work with a coach." - Christoph Karger
  1. Meditation

It is an easy practice that you can implement almost everywhere. No one expects you to meditate until you reach the Nirvana state. You can meditate for short periods of time every day and see the enormous benefits that it brings to your life and mental wellbeing. Mindfulness meditation can help you to focus on the present, which can improve your concentration. It helps you train your mind to focus on the present, giving you the ability to reduce your anxiety in stressful moments. It is a way of forcing your body to slow down and reflect on yourself, which allows you to discover a lot of positive attributes about yourself. 

“Dedicate time to yourself. Making sure you block time (in your calendar) to exercise, eat healthily, get enough rest, or introduce meditation, will make those “challenging” routines easy as they’re planned ahead.” - Christoph Karger

One of our core values at Hyrise is to take care of ourselves. We believe that making time for whatever keeps us balanced is extremely important. For this reason, we wanted to share these 5 tips with you, hoping that they help you stay motivated at work and improve your mental wellness.

‍Many people envision the sales career path as one of the most stressful. This common assumption origins mostly from the sales work environment decades ago, where salespeople only got paid based on the commission of their sales. Luckily, this has changed, and many companies, especially tech ones, put more emphasis on the base salary and other benefits including bonuses for reaching the sales targets. The hiring partners at Hyrise prioritize their employee's well-being by ensuring a work environment built on trust and respect. Interested in working at one of our hiring partners? Apply and start a career in sales, we will be happy to help you land your dream job.  

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