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How Jakob improved his sales performance thanks to hyrise

  • July 31, 2023

Jakob's inspiring story showcases the transformative power of continuous learning and a growth mindset in achieving success in tech sales.

Meet Jakob!

Jakob is a 22-year-old software enthusiast from Vienna who has always been passionate about technology. Currently, Jakob is enrolled in a dual-study degree program in Business and Economics in Vienna, while also working for blaulichtSMS, a software company.

Jakob had no previous experience or knowledge of tech sales before joining the company. However, he saw it as a chance to grow, learn, and expand his skill set.

After Jakob joined, he received a pleasant surprise. His company recognized the potential impact it could have and decided to purchase a continuous training program through Hyrise Academy for him and his colleague.

Jakob’s experience as a junior salesman with Hyrise Academy

Jakob had simple yet significant expectations when he started the program: to gain new skills that would broaden his knowledge and allow him to contribute to his company.

"Hyrise Academy’s training program drastically exceeded my expectations"

Throughout the course, he gained a deeper understanding of tech sales and essential sales skills. But in addition to supporting his professional growth, Hyrise Academy encouraged Jakob to engage with new people and constantly improve his communication skills. This pushed him out of his comfort zone.

Jakob not only learned to address objections effectively but also learned to shift his mindset from selling products to helping potential clients. He mentions this has had a great impact on the quality of conversations he has with them.

Jakob attributes his success as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Account Executive (AE) to several skills and strengths. He emphasizes the importance of being well-organized and structured to manage tasks efficiently and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, he cultivated his resilience by embracing uncertainty head-on and making those initial cold calls.

Since participating in the Hyrise program, he has seen a significant improvement in his performance and day-to-day activities at BlaulichtSMS. He has progressed from being a novice in sales to being a significant contributor to the sales process, working closely with his team to achieve shared goals.


His advice to other junior salespeople

Jakob's advice for junior salespeople is to take the initiative, make the initial calls, and avoid overthinking the outcome, especially in the beginning. Ongoing training and support, being well-organized and structured, and embracing rejection can also help build resilience and improve communication skills.

"Get ready and comfortable with rejection, and use it as an opportunity to learn."

Jakob emphasizes the importance of having ongoing training and support, particularly at the beginning of one's career. He notes that such training can help build resilience, improve communication skills, and ultimately lead to significant improvement in one's performance and progression in their career.

"Hyrise Academy’s training was holistic, and ultimately allowed me to dramatically improve my performance and progress in my career."

Jakob's story is truly inspiring. Despite having no prior experience in tech sales, he embraced the opportunity to join blaulichtSMS and expand his skill set. Thanks to his employer who saw his enormous potential, he got the chance to participate in our continuous enablement training and was able to skyrocket his performance and shift his mindset to viewing sales as helping potential clients rather than simply selling products.


We extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success in your professional journey. We eagerly await hearing about your future achievements. Keep reaching for the stars! 🚀




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