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From Teacher to Sales Champion: Michael's Journey with hyrise

  • August 14, 2023

There is a reason why we share success stories at hyrise. Aside from giving a little light into the unique stories behind each individual and celebrating them, we hope that they can inspire and empower others to take the leap and pursue a career they love.

Today, we bring you the remarkable story of Michael, who defied expectations and found his true calling with the guidance and support of hyrise.


Before hyrise

Michael's journey started in a bit of an unconventional way. After initially pursuing a career in teaching, he found himself standing in front of a classroom full of eager students. However, he quickly realized that teaching wasn't his true calling. The stress and uncertainty he felt weighed heavily on him, which led him to start looking for a different path.

Michael made a bold career move and transitioned to the role of Customer Relationship Manager at Tutum. However, his CEO gave him the opportunity to try Sales and he quickly discovered a passion for it. This started a journey of professional growth and development, as Michael was eager to learn and excel.

After six months, Michael was happy with sales, but felt he wasn’t performing to his full potential. With Tutum's support, he enrolled in hyrise Academy to take his skills to the next level.


Michael's experience training with hyrise

Michael's expectations for his course were met and exceeded from the start. His Sales Trainer, Robin, taught him a lot about sales, including pipeline management, lead conversion, social selling, and overcoming objections. Throughout their journey, Robin provided unwavering support, and Michael found solace in discussing his fears and roadblocks with him.

"I loved that it wasn’t only about knowledge transfer - I could chat openly to Robin and discuss anything that was on my mind."



Michael mentions that the best part of his training was its comprehensiveness. Unlike many other trainings that focus on a single aspect, Hyrise's training was flexible and continuous, covering a wide variety of topics. As a result, Michael felt comfortable handling any step within the sales cycle, from generating leads to closing deals.

"I now have full confidence to handle the full cycle of sales"



If he had to highlight one single topic, it would be social selling. In today's digital age, social selling is crucial, especially on LinkedIn, so Robin and Michael went deep into this topic during the training. Michael emphasized social selling when asked about the keys to his daily success.


Michael’s keys to success

Today, Michael is a top performer at Tutum, and his journey has taught him invaluable advice for aspiring professionals. He heavily emphasizes the huge impact getting a mentor and a coach has had on his performance and career.

"My main piece of advice? Get coaching ASAP, and if you can, make it hyrise coaching."

Michael recommends that junior salespeople find a mentor who can provide assistance with daily struggles, as well as tools and frameworks to help them succeed. It is difficult to accomplish everything without support, from writing impactful emails to mastering communication.

Michael attributes a large part of his success to Robin's unwavering support. Their connection was not limited to just weekly meetings, as Michael reached out to Robin through various channels such as LinkedIn or email whenever he had an idea. This partnership helped him reach new heights in his career.

We couldn't resist asking Michael about his favorite ice cream flavor. With a smile, he confessed his love for stracciatella, a classic choice that reflects his appreciation for simple pleasures in life.

Michael's story demonstrates that taking bold career leaps can lead to more fulfilling careers and lives. It also highlights the importance of effective and continuous coaching and training to make the most of the new career opportunity.

We are super proud of you Michael, keep rocking! 🚀

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