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From Sales Talent to Tech Sales Star: Samed's Journey with hyrise

From Sales Talent to Tech Sales Star: Sami's Journey with Hyrise
  • April 20, 2023

Meet Abdussamed, also called Samed, a young and ambitious individual who was born and raised in Dortmund, Germany. After moving to Remagen to study management leadership and innovations, Samed realized that what he had learned in his studies was often disconnected from the realities of the business world. 

He wanted to get away from the theatrical aspects of business and discovered his talent for sales, thanks to his excellent communication skills. He was determined to find a job in sales. Fortunately, one of his friends recommended hyrise to him after seeing us on the popular TV show "DHDL".

"That's how I found hyrise. Tech sales was the perfect sweet spot between what I love doing - sales, and a dynamic industry full of development opportunities.”

His hyrise experience: 

Samed's experience with hyrise was nothing short of smooth and insightful. The explanation videos and courses provided gave him a solid understanding of the tech sales industry. 

“Being prepared for the interviews by hyrise was definitely a game changer, I learned exactly what companies look for in a candidate, which allowed me to prepare to nail these interviews.”

This knowledge was instrumental in helping Samed set foot in the industry with confidence.

One of the highlights of Samed's experience with hyrise was the support he received from his Talent advisor, Selina. She was always available to help him with any questions or concerns he had. 

“Having someone to rely on and guide me throughout the job hunting process made a significant difference for me. There is a significant difference between having hyrise on your side and searching for a job on your own.”

The job hunt

Samed was fortunate to find his perfect match with LeanIX, a tech company where he has been working for three months now. He is amazed by the tech sales industry and the flexibility it offers, allowing him to work from home. He was also pleasantly surprised by the onboarding process, which was made smoother by the pre-knowledge he gained from hyrise.


Tips for future hyrisers

“Be Always curious and stay educated about new topics and industry-related trends. Think about what you truly want to do and if tech sales aligns with your passions, go for it! I guarantee you won't regret it - it's a fulfilling career." 

He also emphasized the importance of keeping a clean CV and appearance when applying for jobs and being well-prepared for interviews.

With his passion for sales, excellent communication skills, and the knowledge gained from hyrise, Samed is well on his way to a promising career in the tech sales industry.


Do you want to start your tech sales career as well? Apply now, and we’ll help land your dream career!

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