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From law to tech sales: meet Katharina

  • January 11, 2024

Sometimes it takes courage and determination to change a well-established career path and transition to something more fulfilling. 

Discover the story behind Katharina Friese, a lawyer who left her career behind to pursue a more people-driven career path. Thanks to hyrise and her sheer determination, she is now a Junior Sales Manager at Gaia.


Before hyrise

Katharina, who grew up in Düsseldorf, originally studied law and worked in renowned law firms during her studies. The dream of a career as a lawyer in a large law firm seemed to be close at hand. However, the further she progressed in her career, the more she realized that she longed for more contact with people.

The decisive moment came when she realized that she enjoyed communicating with clients more than office work. Her interest in real human contact eventually led her to rethink her career path and look for new opportunities.


Katharina's experience with hyrise

"What I particularly liked about hyrise was the individual selection that was made instead of just being randomly placed."

While looking for a change, Katharina came across hyrise. The fact that hyrise worked with the most renowned tech companies and personalized the job opportunities to her interests and professional experience,was crucial for Katharina.

She was matched with two companies, and in her first interview with Gaia - a company that provides a platform to manage legal matters - was an immediate perfect fit. She can both apply her legal knowledge and pursue her passion for customer contact.

"I felt very comfortable during the entire application process and could turn to Selina with questions at any time."

Selina from the hyrise Talent Team played an important role by sensitively guiding Katharina through the entire application process and supporting her with valuable tips and advice. Thanks to Selina's support, Katharina felt comfortable at all times and could turn to her with her questions and concerns at any time.

Katharina's first steps in Tech Sales

After a successful application process, Katharina started her career as a Junior Sales Manager at Gaia. From the beginning, she's been thrilled with the way of working and the corporate culture and feels incredibly comfortable in the team.

"I'm incredibly happy in my new position and time really flies when I'm working."

Katharina's story is an inspiring example of how a career change doesn't have to mean starting from scratch. Instead, you can apply the knowledge and experience you have already gained in other professions. Especially in tech sales, such an extensive and dynamic field, there are always new opportunities for professional development.

She encourages others to be open to new horizons and not just look straight ahead with blinkers on. We often hold on to the ideas we had at a young age about what our life and career should look like. But Katharina shows that it is important to adapt your life and also look left and right to find out what could make life even better.

Her success story encourages others not only to stick to their previous plans and ideas, but also to explore new paths and open themselves up to change. Because you never know what opportunities will open up and how your life can improve as a result. Katharina has dared to rethink her career path and, as a result, has chosen a path that better suits her interests and needs. 🚀


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