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From Hospitality to Sales: Toni's Journey with hyrise

  • July 4, 2023

When the pandemic hit, Toni had to take some thought decisions. Discover how he successfully pivoted from hospitality to sales with our help. 

Before Hyrise

Toni, originally from Germany, began his career in the hospitality industry seeking adventure and an opportunity to grow and develop new skills. His passion and dedication propelled him forward until he encountered an unexpected obstacle…

The pandemic hit.

The hospitality industry took a huge blow, and employees had nowhere to grow or develop. Toni knew he had to pivot and look for new opportunities beyond hospitality.

Toni's career took an unexpected turn after a chance coffee chat with a friend. This friend, a former colleague who had entered sales a few months earlier, showed Toni that sales was much more than the stereotypical cold calls he had imagined.

Seeing the vast potential in this career path inspired Toni to explore it further.

The Hyrise Experience

During his job search, Toni had a lucky moment. While browsing LinkedIn, he stumbled upon an advertisement for hyrise. Intrigued by the company's approach, he found the courage to apply. Though application processes are often tedious and beaurocratic, hyrise made it a collaborative and supportive experience, helping him through the entire process.

Toni was blown away when he was accepted to the program. A few weeks before, he'd been turned down by another SDR placement firm, but that didn't stop him. hyrise was the perfect fit. Toni felt energized and inspired after his first conversation with his personal Talent Advisor, Selina, which he defines as a crucial moment in his journey.

"hyrise valued and believed in me, making me feel comfortable that I’d made the right decision to go into tech sales."

Toni valued having hyrise as a companion during his career pivot. The mentoring and support system helped him every step of the way, and he felt he had a safe place to ask questions, get advice, and connect with his Talent Advisor.

Before joining hyrise, Toni felt anxious about his job interview. However, his Talent Advisor prepared him for each step of the journey, and he felt ready to share whatever he had in mind.

"I felt like I was talking to a friend, but one who knew a lot about what she was doing."

Life as a BDR

Toni was soon hired as a BDR at Enginsight. After some months on the job, he mentions his superpower and source of success comes from being comfortable and able to talk to people and build rapport. Because of his passion for what he does, he can connect with clients and motivate them. He developed this skill through his hospitality work and reading about effective communication. Now he can transfer that skill to his new career in Tech Sales.

His advice for other career changers?

"Don't let fear and setbacks stop you! Treat rejection as an opportunity to learn."

Toni's resilience and perseverance helped him turn a string of “no's” into a resounding "yes", so he encourages you to take rejections as stepping stones to success.

Besides his professional journey, there's one thing you need to know about Toni: strawberry is his favourite ice cream - classic!

From chatting with him, it’s clear Toni has reached success because of his firm determination, adaptability, and commitment to self-improvement. The message in Toni's story is clear: perseverance and a strong belief in yourself have the power to transform your life.

Toni, we wish you all the best for your professional career and we are excited to hear about your further successes 🚀.




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