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From Engineer to Tech Sales Success with Hyrise Boosts

From Engineer to Tech Sales Success with Hyrise Boosts
  • March 9, 2023

Meet Chris, a 33-year-old industrial engineer who found himself working in tech sales. He worked in production planning and purchasing with a German manufacturing company. While he enjoyed negotiating big volumes and contracts with suppliers, he wanted a more dynamic job that allowed him to reach a broader pool of prospects.

A friend who worked in tech sales convinced Chris to give it a try, and he started applying to several tech companies. He got an offer from Salesforce as BDR and has been working there for one and a half years.

“In the beginning, it was weird to think that I will start working in a junior position, which you normally have when you just finished university and not when you are in your 30s with a family and kids. But it was totally worth it.” 

He eventually joined Tableau, the business intelligence part of Salesforce, where he's now responsible for the commercial section of small to medium-sized business deals.

Despite his experience, Chris felt that the training he received wasn't enough. 

“I had the feeling that the training I was receiving at my company was not enough. I was totally new to the job and never had official training showing me how I was supposed to do things correctly. I wanted to improve but I did not even know where to start."

Then he heard about Hyrise through a friend who had highly recommended our trainings.

“I started to compare several different trainings, but I chose Hyrise, and it was the best decision. I liked the fact that the training was focused on tech sales and not general sales and that I could receive coaching sessions in German.” 

Chris chose a boost that focused on Better deals, Buyer-centric messaging, and Time-Management, and he was delighted with his experience. 


His Hyrise Experience

One of my favorite parts of the boost was definitely the personal coaching session with Chris, where I could take my experiences and receive feedback from him. This helped me a lot to continuously iterate my strategy and improve during the months the boost lasted.” 

The boost also helped him realize the importance of multiple touchpoints when selling, as he used to reach out to his prospects by email or phone once, but the boost made him realize that this wasn't the best strategy. Now he understands that a wholesome strategy to engage prospects is key to closing more deals.

“Before I used to reach out to my prospects by email or phone once, but the boost made me realize that this was not the best strategy. Now I understand that you must have a wholesome strategy to engage the prospects more is key to closing more deals.” 

Since he's working predominately from home, the boost motivated him to be disciplined and structured in his cold calling sessions, resulting in improved time-management and better sales strategy. He loved how the content was structured and written in an easy-to-understand way, which made the whole experience much better.

Chris would recommend the boost to anyone starting in tech sales, as it provides a great foundation to build your sales strategy. The best part is that you can choose different boosts depending on your professional level, so he plans to take another one further on in his career.

All in all, Chris's journey to crushing it in tech sales shows us that if you put in the hustle, stay focused, and keep an open mind, you can go places. By getting the right training and staying upbeat, anyone can reach their targets and flourish in their professional life.

Invest in your professional development with Hyrise Boosts and take your career to the next level! Contact us now to learn more. 📩 

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Invest in your professional development with Hyrise Boosts and take your career to the next level!