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From Corporate Consultant to BDM: Alexander’s journey to a more fulfilling career

  • November 30, 2023

There are times in life when you have to admit to yourself that, despite many years of experience, your career path does not always meet your expectations. It takes courage to reorient yourself and make a fresh start.

In this success story, we share Alexander's inspiring journey from his studies in Trier through the world of auditing and business consulting to his bold move into tech sales.

Before hyrise

Alexander grew up in the charming city of Trier on the border with Luxembourg. He spent the first 18 to 19 years of his life here and completed his Abitur. After graduation, Alexander took a leap and headed to South America, specifically Bolivia. This experience became a turning point in his life, where he learned to step out of his comfort zone, try new things, and broaden his horizons – an experience from which he still benefits today.

Upon returning to Trier, Alexander pursued his studies in International Business Spanish. Armed with a fresh bachelor's degree, he spent a year working in the financial sector in New York. His journey then led him to Luxembourg, where he worked at KPMG in the fields of auditing and consulting.

Despite gaining valuable knowledge and meeting incredible people, Alexander felt somewhat uncomfortable in corporate structures. He yearned to contribute more of his creativity and ideas. This led to a moment of reflection, contemplating how he could oversee the "big picture" and where his long-term career path should lead.

Through conversations with various people, Alexander discovered the world of Tech Sales. The idea of working in the sales domain excited him.

Initially, Alexander took the initiative to apply independently to various companies in Tech Sales. However, due to his high level of education and extensive work experience, finding a position as an SDR proved challenging, and he often encountered skepticism. However, Alexander did not give up.


Alexander's experience with hyrise

Discovering hyrise through the show "Die Höhle der Löwen," Alexander found an opportunity to reshape his career.

"I particularly liked that hyrise offers a wide range of partner companies, so there's something for everyone, and you can choose based on your individual interests."

Similarly, Alexander faced initial hurdles in his job search at hyrise due to his extensive work experience. However, he persisted and emphasizes the tremendous support from Selina in our Talent Team, who greatly assisted and motivated him during this phase.

"It was crucial for me to find a position during the job search where I could continue to develop and have a long-term perspective."


Alexander's Entry into Tech Sales

His perseverance eventually paid off. At POSPulse he found the perfect position as a Business Development Manager, tailored to his strengths. Here, he is responsible for the app WeSpotr, where, in addition to typical SDR tasks, he brings in his experience in strategic consulting and is accountable for developing the strategy.

"It's never too late to start something new. Change can always be positive."

Alexander's story demonstrates that it's never too late to make a bold career change. His advice to those interested in Tech Sales is that one is never too old, too advanced, or too entrenched in a position to bring about a change. Even if you've worked in a job for a long time and it didn't make you 100% happy, you can start something new as a career changer, and time is by no means wasted. You always bring certain skills and competencies from the old job that can be applied in the new one. Particularly in Tech Sales, a field so extensive, there are always opportunities.

Alexander Blau's story is an inspiration for those seeking change and discovering their true calling. We are proud to be part of his journey and look forward to the successes the future holds for him. 🚀


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