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Crafts to Tech Triumph: Jessica Jung's Sales Success

Crafts to Tech Triumph: Jessica Jung's Sales Success
  • May 12, 2023

Jessica Jung, a determined and ambitious individual, embarked on a transformative journey that led her from the crafts industry to the thriving IT world. Born into a family of craftsmen and women, Jessica was familiar with hard work and dedication. However, her passion for the IT world motivated her to make a life-changing decision to transition into the tech industry, ultimately finding her true calling in sales.

Before joining Emlen, a Berlin-based company, Jessica had gained valuable experience in product management and IT support, improving her skills in various roles. Seeking new challenges, she applied for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) position at Emlen. Little did she know that this decision would open doors to an exceptional opportunity and a significant turning point in her professional life.

Emlen offered all its new employees a ramp-up program with hyrise, which aimed to ease their onboarding into their new rolse and the company. Initially, Jessica considered this training as merely a supplement to her existing sales experience. However, she soon discovered that the hyrise ramp-up program would exceed her expectations.

"I am super happy that I got the opportunity to participate in the hyrise ramp up training. I learned so many new things that have been instrumental in my journey."

The training's personal coaching, led by Mia Siemen, became the foundation of Jessica's development. Mia expertly identified individual weaknesses and guided the new employees on overcoming them. This personalized support proved to be invaluable, particularly during the early stages of a new role. 

 "Having such support when starting a new position is of tremendous help, making you more productive 100 times faster than if you were on your own."

The training content itself was like a breath of fresh air for Jessica. She compared it to stumbling upon an oasis in the desert. She was always eager to learn and grow, and her previous company had left her feeling stuck. But with hyrise, she finally had something new and exciting to learn to keep improving. Plus, they cherry-picked the best content from all over the place and presented it in a way that was easy to understand and absorb. Paired with Mia's coaching, it was an unbeatable combo.

Mia's coaching wasn't some boring lecture. She made it super practical by using real-life examples that the team was actually facing at the moment. Jessica loved that hands-on approach because it meant she could try out new strategies right then and there.

“In my previous trainings I always left with the feeling: Okay, got the theory! But how do I apply it to my pipeline? However, with hyrise it was all about taking action and experimenting. This was the icing on the cake. It made all the difference in the world!”

Tips for future hyrisers:

She motives everyone to embrace their weaknesses and be open to constructive feedback. Yeah, it might sting a bit, but she assures it is the secret for leveling up your skills. 

"Get ready to fail a little because that's how you set yourself up for epic success!"

With her unstoppable determination and insatiable hunger for knowledge, Jessica continues to conquer the ever-changing tech world.

Do you want to start your Tech Sales career like Jessica did? Then apply today this is the first step to your dream career!


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